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Insightful Products LLC invents effective AFO solutions that offer better functionality, comfort, and marketability than anything else on the market.  

Foot Funnel Shoe horn


Drop Foot Brace


The Step-Smart AFO is now available in both Custom and Off the Shelf (OTS) versions.  Both versions now include calf section padding. The custom version can be ordered with blue topcover. 


We've improved our patented Step-Smart orthosis, an ankle brace ( AFO) designed for Drop Foot patients, by incorporating our patented Jacob Joint.  This improved AFO solution for Foot Drop allows for variable shock absorption at heel strike.



Blaze MI


Insightful offers an unconditional 45 day money back guarantee on all its custom bracing!  






Insightful also introduced 3 new custom AFO's, the Blaze MI, Blaze LI, and Blaze AI, addressing such things as posterior tibial tendonitis or PTTD.  All of the Blaze products are custom manufactured to ensure the best in patient compliance.  

Our AFO's are unique, comfortable & effective.

Blaze AI




Drop Foot & other Foot problem Patients

If you are a patient and would like to have a Step-SmartTM Brace or BlazeTM Brace evaluation, please call 1-207-885-0414.  


New AFO & Ankle Brace Systems coming soon!

We are currently testing & perfecting additional AFO / ankle brace systems soon to be released.